I was recently contacted by PCC, the largest organic food store co-op in the Seattle area, about the possibility of producing 140 spoons for them…at a wholesale price of $15 a pop. My head spun. To the south of me, a warm frontal system of flattery rose upwards, while, to the north an icy finger … Continue reading Widgets

Magical Playhouses

Here’s a shameless plug for my other company, Magical Playhouses (www.magicalplayhouses.com). Magical Playhouses designs, builds, and delivers luxury children’s playhouses, small studios, tree houses, potting sheds, and tiny offices to the greater Seattle area and beyond. Okay, I’m done. Back to sanding spoons. Continue reading Magical Playhouses

Baby Spoon Review

Nicole, over at Organic Sunshine, recently gave me a nice review on the baby spoons I make, which you can read here. I love making wooden baby spoons. For the same reason my wife and decided to use cloth diapers, we fed both our kids with wooden spoons when they were little. I liked the … Continue reading Baby Spoon Review